George Nader is an actor you can be a fan about. You can read everything you need to know about him right here. A short biography and a filmography with exclusive pictures are added here.


George Nader never faked a relationship with a woman to hide his homosexuality. To read more of such snippets and anecdotes from Nader’s life, visit this page. There are exclusive pictures as well.

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Are you a fan of George Nader? Do you like reading about famous actors from the black and white regime. Nader’s life story with interesting bits of gossip can be found right here. Visit this page.

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George Nader acted in many movies. Chances are you have seen him in more than one. Read about George Nader’s life, the man who came on screen with his chest hair intact. Visit this page.

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George Nader was proof that not homosexual actors of Hollywood got AIDS. Read more about Nader’s scandal which had him leave Hollywood. Visit this page to know more about Nader.

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