George Nader is among the most fantastic actors of erstwhile Hollywood cinema. If you are a fan of watching old school movies on the cable late at night, then there is a big chance that you have already come across this heartthrob. He has acted in a number of movies between the 50s to the late 70s.

George Nader was on contract with Universal since the mid-50s and was paired opposite to splendid female actors of the time like Maureen O’Hara, Jeanne Crain among others. Even though Nader was amongst the most creative actors, he sadly could never shake off the B-grade tag.

Many a times he had to settle for lesser roles or be paired in a supporting role to actors like Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler, and Tony Curtis among others. Soon after becoming jaded with Hollywood he moved to Europe to try his luck and was awarded plenty. He acted in a number of German movies as a FBI Operator ‘Jerry Cotton’. Unfortunately, following an accident Nader had to give up acting.

Personally, George Nader is known to be dedicated, hardworking and very optimistic. His lifelong partner Mark Miller was a constant word of advice to Nader during his struggling days as well as the high ones. In 1978 when Nader could not perform in front of bright lights, he turned towards authoring a book.

The book ‘Chrome’ was an instant hit and was well received by the homosexual community alike. Later on he went to co-author another real life edition with Miller called ‘Perils of Paul’. This book was based on real life homosexual episodes of Miller and Nader in Hollywood.

George Garfield Nader born in a small, sleepy town of Pasadena, California went on to make a big name for himself in the movie world. In 2001, during his last public visit, he was awarded a standing ovation by the people at 1Annual Palm Springs Film Festival.

Soon after Nader was hospitalized following a bacterial infection of which he died.

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