George Garfield Nader hailed from a sleepy town called Pasadena, California. Interestingly, this is where he started his acting career as well. Nader was born in 1921 to Anne Scott and George Sr. After completing his graduation from Occidental College in Theatre Art, Nader did not immediately pursue a career in acting. He signed up with the Navy first where he worked as a Communications Officer in the Pacific Theatre of Operations for 3 years.

After the war he came back to his town and joined Pasadena Playhouse where he was seen in a number of plays. This is also where Nader was fated to meet his lifelong partner Mark Miller.

Nader’s first credited on screen performance was ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ in 1950 for Republic Pictures. During this time he continued theatre acting and was seen in, ‘summer and smoke’ on the Pasadena Playhouse stage.

Miller was Nader’s strong roots at this time of struggle. It was Miller who gave up his acting career to pursue small bit time jobs and pay the bills. He essentially paved the way for George Nader to make a name for himself in the acting world.

After long hard working years in landing a movie or a contract, Nader struck lucky with ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953. It was a low budget movie which went on to make millions on the box office. Nader was picked up by Universal where he starred in many great movies.

During late 70s George Nader got into an accident and had to leave the world of acting forever. He took to writing books and wrote two masterpieces which are still revered in the homosexual community.

He was admitted to a nursing home in 2001 following a bacterial infection which was allegedly picked up during a vacation in Hawaii. Soon, his health deteriorated and he was put on the ventilator. Nader passed away on February 4, 2002.