AIDS is not a scare if you are a homosexual

George Nader is among the living examples of being homosexual and not contracting AIDS. Many reports suggest was Nader was extremely faithful to his lifelong companion Mark Miller who returned the favor. Eventhough, Nader and Miller were from the Hollywood industry where morals are as loose as the wind; they never partook in carnal pleasures outside of their relationship.

One of the closest friends to this couple Rock Hudson, an A grade actor of Universal picture of that time died due to complications arising out of AIDS.Ironically, George Nader had to leave Hollywood because of the threat of a scandal with Hudson. A tabloid called ‘Confidential’ approached Universal and threatened to break a homosexual affair story between Hudson and Nader.

In reality, Hudson, Nader and Miller were fast friends. Miller was also the secretary to Hudson and they never engaged in any sexual activities. This was perhaps the reason why Miller and Nader went AIDS free. Unfortunately, Universal cut a deal with the tabloid and that put an end to Nader’s Hollywood career.

George Nader was reported to have moved to Europe where he made a name for himself by acting a variety of movies. Miller followed George leaving his career behind. While in Europe Nader met with a car accident and had to stop acting. His eyes following a surgery had developed Glaucoma and he could not stand bright lights.

Soon, Nader wrote a homosexual account of his Hollywood days with Miller where they included real names and real people. The book was to be published after George Nader’s death; but, Nader and Miller together self-published it in 1999 in a quiet affair.

George Nader is a living example discrediting the long standing taboo of homosexuals being a carrier of AIDS Virus. In a time during 1980s when homosexuality in itself was a big taboo, Nader and Miller came out.